Milan v. City of Vallejo

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Milan v. City of Vallejo

Leslie Levy and Sharon Vinick of Levy Vinick Burrell Hyams obtained a $2.3 million verdict in favor of a firefighter Todd Milan, who suffered disability discrimination and retaliation by the Vallejo Fire Department. Milan was injured while attempting to rescue a paraplegic from a burning trailer. He had gone into the trailer alone because his captain had forgotten his gloves. The Fire Department attempted to cover up the fact that the captain had forgotten his gloves, and retaliated against Milan when he told the truth to OSHA.

At left, a timeline showing an overview of key facts. All names other than Milan’s have been changed.

Above, a section from the detailed timeline used during the closing argument. The dual-screen format provided a visual scaffold for the plaintiff’s narrative while also reminding the jury of the evidence supporting that narrative.

Milan remains deeply committed to firefighting. The montage at left was designed to show the emotional impact of his termination.

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