Civil Procedure Maps

Civil Procedure Maps

Our Maps make Civil Procedure easier to understand, and easier to remember, by showing how the black-letter law fits into the big picture.

Now available for Mac, PC, iPad, and Android. Your purchase includes the three e-maps shown above. Please note that our charts are available in electronic form only.

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Topics covered include:

I. Personal Jurisdiction

Constitutional and Statutory Framework: U.S. Constitution; Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; State Long Arm statutes

Pennoyer v. Neff: In Personam Jurisdiction; In Rem Jurisdiction; Quasi In Rem Jurisdiction

International Shoe v. Washington: Minimum Contacts; General Jurisdiction; Specific Jurisdiction; Internet Test (Pavlovich v. Superior Court); Stream of Commerce; Contracts (choice of forum and choice of law clauses); Effects Test


II. Subject Matter Jurisdiction

Diversity Jurisdiction: Complete Diversity; Amount in Controversy: Supplemental Jurisdiction

Federal Question Jurisdiction



III. Venue

Diversity Cases

Federal Question Cases




Dismissal/ Forum Non Conveniens

IV. Pleadings and Motions


Pre-Answer Motions: Motion to Dismiss; Motion to Strike; Motion for a More Definite Statement; Timing of Pre-Answer Motions


Joinder: Permissive Joinder of Claims: Rule 18(a); Permissive Counterclaims – Rule 13(b);Compulsory Counterclaims – Rule 13(a); Cross Claims – Rule 13(g); Permissive Joinder of Parties – Rule 20(a); Impleader: Rule 14(a); Compulsory Joinder of Parties for Just Adjudication – Rule 19

Amendments: Rule 15 and the Relation Back Doctrine

Limits to Pleadings: Rule 11

V. Discovery

Methods of Discovery: Automatic Disclosures – Rule 26; Request for Admissions – Rule 36; Interrogatories – Rule 33; Depositions – Rules 30 and 31; Document Requests – Rule 34; Examination of Persons – Rule 35

Scope of Discovery: Relevant to Claim or Defense – Rule 26(b)(2); Refusing Disclosure; Work Product – Rule 26(b)(3); Privilege; Protective Orders – Rule 26(c)

Compelling Disclosure: Objection or Motion for Protective Order – Rule 37(a); No Response: Rule 37(d)

VI. Former Adjudication/ Res Judicata

Claim Preclusion

Issue Preclusion

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