Civil Procedure Flashcard Deck

Civil Procedure Deck

Our Deck makes Civil Procedure easier to understand, and easier to remember, by showing how the black-letter law fits into the big picture.

Now available for Mac, PC, iPad and Android. Your purchase includes a virtual “deck” of 44 cards. The front of each card shows how the information fits into the overall context of Civil Procedure, while the back shows the details. Please note that our charts are available in electronic form only.

Looking for a larger format? Check out the CivPro Map Set.

Topics covered include:

I. Personal Jurisdiction

Constitutional and Statutory Framework: U.S. Constitution; Federal Rules of Civil Procedure; State Long Arm statutes

Pennoyer v. Neff: In Personam Jurisdiction; In Rem Jurisdiction; Quasi In Rem Jurisdiction

International Shoe v. Washington: Minimum Contacts; General Jurisdiction; Specific Jurisdiction; Internet Test (Pavlovich v. Superior Court); Stream of Commerce; Contracts (choice of forum and choice of law clauses); Effects Test


II. Subject Matter Jurisdiction

Diversity Jurisdiction: Complete Diversity; Amount in Controversy: Supplemental Jurisdiction

Federal Question Jurisdiction



III. Venue

Diversity Cases

Federal Question Cases




Dismissal/ Forum Non Conveniens

IV. Pleadings and Motions


Pre-Answer Motions: Motion to Dismiss; Motion to Strike; Motion for a More Definite Statement; Timing of Pre-Answer Motions


Joinder: Permissive Joinder of Claims: Rule 18(a); Permissive Counterclaims – Rule 13(b);Compulsory Counterclaims – Rule 13(a); Cross Claims – Rule 13(g); Permissive Joinder of Parties – Rule 20(a); Impleader: Rule 14(a); Compulsory Joinder of Parties for Just Adjudication – Rule 19

Amendments: Rule 15 and the Relation Back Doctrine

Limits to Pleadings: Rule 11

V. Discovery

Methods of Discovery: Automatic Disclosures – Rule 26; Request for Admissions – Rule 36; Interrogatories – Rule 33; Depositions – Rules 30 and 31; Document Requests – Rule 34; Examination of Persons – Rule 35

Scope of Discovery: Relevant to Claim or Defense – Rule 26(b)(2); Refusing Disclosure; Work Product – Rule 26(b)(3); Privilege; Protective Orders – Rule 26(c)

Compelling Disclosure: Objection or Motion for Protective Order – Rule 37(a); No Response: Rule 37(d)

VI. Former Adjudication/ Res Judicata

Claim Preclusion

Issue Preclusion

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