Contracts Maps

Contracts Maps

Our Maps makes Contracts easier to understand, and easier to remember, by showing you how the black-letter law fits into the big picture.

Now available for Mac, PC, iPad and Android.  Please note that our charts are available in electronic form only.

Looking for a larger format? Check out the Contracts Flashcard Deck.

Major Topics Covered Include:

I. Formation

Promises: Offer and Acceptance; Promise and Consideration; Bilateral Contracts; Unilateral Contracts; Termination of the Offer Before Acceptance; Mailbox Rule; Irrevocable Offers; Mutual Signing of a Sufficiently Definite Contract
Consideration: Return Promise; Performance; Act or Forbearance; Creation, Modification or Destruction of Legal Relation; Adequate Consideration; Illusory Consideration

II. Interpretation

Contract Language
Reasonable Expectations Doctrine
Interpretive Tools (Noscitur A Sociis, Expressio Unius Exclusio Alterius; Ejusdem Generis);
Parol Evidence Rule

III. Construction

Contra Preferentum
Good Faith and Fair Dealing

IV. Promissory Estoppel

V. Restitution/ Unjust Enrichment

VI. Breach of Contract

Partial Breach; Material Breach; Total Breach; Reasonable Grounds for Insecurity; Anticipatory Repudiation; Conditions

VII. Defenses

Other Party’s Misconduct: Undue Influence; Duress; Unconscionability; Misrepresentation; Nondisclosure
Mistake: Unilateral Mistake; Mutual Mistake
Incapacity; Minority; Mental Incapacity
Frustration and Impracticability
Public Policy
Statute of Frauds: Uniform Commercial Code- UCC 2-201; Common Law Provisions – writing and signature requirements; linking doctrine
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