Contracts Flashcard Deck

Contracts Deck

Our Deck makes Contracts easier to understand, and easier to remember, by showing you how the black-letter law fits into the big picture.

Now available for Mac, PC, iPad and Android. Your purchase includes a virtual “deck” of 29 cards. The front of each card shows how the information fits into the overall context of Civil Procedure, while the back shows the details. Please note that our charts are available in electronic form only.

Looking for a larger format? Check out the Contracts Map Set.

Major Topics Covered Include:

I. Formation

Promises: Offer and Acceptance; Promise and Consideration; Bilateral Contracts; Unilateral Contracts; Termination of the Offer Before Acceptance; Mailbox Rule; Irrevocable Offers; Mutual Signing of a Sufficiently Definite Contract
Consideration: Return Promise; Performance; Act or Forbearance; Creation, Modification or Destruction of Legal Relation; Adequate Consideration; Illusory Consideration

II. Interpretation

Contract Language
Reasonable Expectations Doctrine
Interpretive Tools (Noscitur A Sociis, Expressio Unius Exclusio Alterius; Ejusdem Generis);
Parol Evidence Rule

III. Construction

Contra Preferentum
Good Faith and Fair Dealing

IV. Promissory Estoppel

V. Restitution/ Unjust Enrichment

VI. Breach of Contract

Partial Breach; Material Breach; Total Breach; Reasonable Grounds for Insecurity; Anticipatory Repudiation; Conditions

VII. Defenses

Other Party’s Misconduct: Undue Influence; Duress; Unconscionability; Misrepresentation; Nondisclosure
Mistake: Unilateral Mistake; Mutual Mistake
Incapacity; Minority; Mental Incapacity
Frustration and Impracticability
Public Policy
Statute of Frauds: Uniform Commercial Code- UCC 2-201; Common Law Provisions – writing and signature requirements; linking doctrine
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