Torts Deck

Torts Deck

Our Deck makes Torts easier to understand, and easier to remember, by showing you how the black-letter law fits into the big picture.

Now available for Mac, PC, iPad and Android. Your purchase includes a virtual “deck” of 45 cards. The front of each card shows how the information fits into the overall context of Torts, while the back shows the details. Please note that our products are available in electronic form only.

Looking for a larger format? Check out the Torts Map Set.

Covered Topics Include:

I. Intentional Torts

A. Battery
B. Assault
C. Intentional infliction of emotional distress
D. False Imprisonment
E. Trespass to land and nuisance
F. Trespass to chattels
G. Conversion
H. Defenses: self-defense; necessity; defense or repossession of property; consent; shopkeeper’s detention.

II. More Intentional Torts

A. Defamation
B. Misrepresentation
C. Invasions of Privacy

III. Negligence

A. Duty: Misfeasance; “Per Se” Negligence; Nonfeasance and its Exceptions; Landowners; Contracts and Promises.
B. Breach of duty: Risk-Utility Rule; Res Ipsa Loquitur; Dangerous Conditions.
C. Actual cause
D. Proximate cause
E. Damage
F. Defenses: Assumption of Risk; Contributory Negligence and Comparative Fault
G. Negligent infliction of emotional distress

IV. Strict Liability

A. Strict Liability Activity: Ultrahazardous Activities; Nuisance Test; Natural/Non-Natural Test; Animals.
B. Breach of duty
C. Actual cause
D. Proximate cause
E. Damage

V. Products Liability

A. Defective products: Manufacturing Defects; Design Defects; Information Defects.
B. Actual cause
C. Proximate cause
D. Damage
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